Our practice runs on an appointment system based between the hours of 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays.

There is no appointment necessary after 6pm Monday to Friday, 1pm Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

While we encourage you to make an appointment to minimise waiting times, Doctors try their very best to run on time with appointments.

Emergencies and unforeseen circumstances can arise which may cause a delay, we appreciate and ask for your understanding if this occurs.

If you feel you need extra time with a Doctor, or if you are coming in with additional family members, please advise the reception staff when making your appointment you require a longer consultation.

Walk-In patients will be attended to as soon as possible, although patients with an appointment or emergencies will be given queue priority.

Online Booking

Patients are able to book online through this website or using a FREE app.

Search on the Appstore for“Appointuit” – available for iPhone and Android.


A seriously ill patient will always take priority and receive immediate attention.

Please advise reception staff if you are experiencing the following;

  • Chest Pain
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Bleeding
  • Head Injury

Ambulance Cover

Patients who have Ambulance Cover, Pension Card and certain types of Health Care Cards will be covered for Ambulance Transportation.

Patients who do not have the above will be personally liable for any fees incurred by Ambulance Transportation.

Please refer to the Ambulance Victoria Website at for membership details.

After Hours

In the event that the practice is closed, please call our Locum service on 13 26 60

In the event of an emergency, we direct you to call 000 or Werribee Mercy Hospital.

Home Visits

Home Visits to Patients Homes, Nursing Homes and Hostels are available for practice patients under certain circumstances.

Please discuss further with your Doctor if this may be required.

Non-English Speaking and the Hearing Impaired

Whilst the Doctors at this Practice are multi-lingual (English, Farsi, Arabic, Sinhalese, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, French, Mauritian, Creole, Filipino, Dari, Greek and Persian) we understand that there are patients who may require an interpreter. This Practice can request an onsite (booking will need to made prior to your appointment) or telephone interpreter for your convenience.

For Patients who are hearing impaired an onsite Auslan Translator can be provided for your convenience (booking will need to be made prior to your appointment).


The Doctors and Practice Nurse can perform all Immunisations from Infant to Adult at our Practice.

All Childhood Immunisations are sent to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)

The Doctors are also available for consultation regarding all your Travel Vaccinations needs.

Phone Calls

The Doctors in this practice are unable to take general phone calls unless they are an emergency, this is to avoid and minimise interruptions during consultations.

If the call is not urgent, you may leave a message and the Doctor will return your call if possible.

Doctors will always take phone calls if they are from another Doctor, Pharmacy, Specialist, Hospital or any other Health Care Provider.

Test Results

Test Results will NOT be given over the phone. Reception Staff and Nurses do not hold the qualifications to discuss these results with you.

Patient confidentiality must also be maintained, we are also unable to discuss your results with any other family member or next of kin unless signed authority and appropriate paperwork is in place.

You may call the practice to see if your test results have arrived, dependant on the tests, most take 3-5 days to return to the Practice.


Our Practice is committed to the continuity of care to our Patients. We may from time to time issue you a reminder letter offering you preventative health services such as; immunisations, pap smears, cholesterol and Diabetes checks.

Please let us know if you do not wish for this to occur.


The Doctors at this Practice may refer you to services outside the Practice. Such as an X-ray, Ultrasound or to see a Specialist.

A phone number with the details will be provided for you to call and make an appointment. At the time, Reception staff will fax referrals (such as to a Hospital Outpatients Department) or call on your behalf if there is an urgency or language barrier.

*** Please note we cannot guarantee the outside referrals will Bulk Bill, please ask the Provider if any fees or charges will be incurred.

Personal Health Information and Confidentiality

Your Medical Information is a confidential document.

Practice Policy is to ensure and maintain the security and privacy of your records at all times and only available to authorised members of Staff.

Our practice will not disclose Personal Health Information to any third parties without consent, you are at risk of harm or unable to give consent.

Personal Health Information may be disclosed for the following reasons:

  • For communicating relevant information with treating doctors
  • specialists or other allied health professionals
  • for follow-up reminder or recall notices
  • accounting procedures, accreditation
  • disease notification as required by law
  • court orders or subpoenas.

Our Practice abides by all mandatory reporting guidelines to the relevant government bodies.

If you have any concerns about your Personal Health Information please discuss this with your Doctor. When needed, you would be required to fill a request form for access and disclosure of your Personal Health Information.

Patient Feedback and Patient Rights

We aim to offer you an excellent service. If there is any way you feel we can improve our services please pass on any suggestions via our suggestion box located in the waiting room, or you can e-mail the Practice Manager at

We take your concerns seriously and endeavour to take on all feedback to help better serve our Patients.

However, if you wish to take this matter further and feel the need to discuss the matter outside the surgery, the following options are The AMA, The Medical Registration Board or Health Care Complaints Commission on 8604-5200, or ask our Reception Staff for the Office of the Health Services Commissioner Complaint Form.”

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