Staff at Westgate will do all they can to provide you with up to date information regarding the Covid vaccine. We ask that you treat all our staff – Reception, Nurses, Management and Doctors – with courtesy and respect. This is a new initiative for all of us and we are continually learning and improving. Your patience is greatly appreciated.


Westgate Medical Centre has been selected as a participating clinic in the Australian Government Covid Vaccine Phase 1b Rollout program.

Vaccines will be done by appointment only and cannot be booked online. We are not currently taking appointments.

We encourage all patients planning to come to Westgate Medical Centre to receive the vaccine to consider the following:

The Phase 1b National Strategy states that the following are considered priority groups for the vaccine:

  • Healthcare workers not currently included in Phase 1a – this includes individuals employed in the medical profession (allied health professionals, aged care and disability workers); public and private hospital staff; healthcare workers in private practice; community pharmacy staff; healthcare workers providing in-home and community care; workforces supporting medical practitioners in a clinical setting (including students on placement); onside administrative staff in healthcare settings; cleaners, kitchen staff and other ancillary staff in healthcare settings.
  • Carers and Disability Settings – essential carers (paid and unpaid) including carers who are also family members of someone with disability or an elderly person; disability support volunteers who provide support to people in their homes, respite care, educational, employment and leisure settings; people with a disability attending centre-based services (e.g. day programs, supported employment).
    Note – this does not extend to family members of people with disability that are not registered carers
  • Critical and high risk workers – this includes emergency services personnel (frontline police officers, fire and rescue personnel, corrective services officers); rural fire services and state emergency services volunteers; active Australian Defence Force personnel; Australian Government Officials about to be deployed or currently deployed overseas on official government business; workers involved in manufacture of AstraZeneca vaccine and distribution/delivery of COVID-19 vaccines; workers at licensed meat processing facilities.
  • People over 80 and people over 70 years of age
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people – any ATSI individuals aged over 55 years; any ATSI people aged under 55 years that meet any of the other Phase 1b criteria e.g. underlying medical conditions, health care worker, critical or high risk worker.

In the meantime, we encourage all patients to book an appointment with your Doctor to discuss the vaccine – Australia will be distributing the Astrazeneca vaccine. Your Doctor will have relevant fact sheets and be able to answer any questions you may have.


Any patient considering the Covid vaccine will need to provide written consent prior to the vaccine. The consent form will be discussed with your Doctor in the your consultation before the vaccine is administered. This is to ensure you are making an informed decision about the vaccine.


If you are registered at another clinic and you are attending Westgate for the Covid vaccine, you will need to provide a full medical history to the clinic prior to your initial consultation. Our Doctors will take every precaution to ensure that your health and well-being is the number one priority.